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What is TATA AIG Car Insurance?

Motor insurance, or vehicle insurance, is an insurance policy that offers coverage to the vehicle’s owner and/or driver against financial losses in case of losses due to theft, accidents, or natural calamities. In return for the regular payment of premiums, your insurance provider promises to share the cost of repairing damages. Almost every Indian family today owns a vehicle. And, no matter how careful they are, something unfortunate might happen to them and their vehicle. After an accident, robbery, or attempted theft, they might have to deal with high repair costs or have to replace their car entirely. With vehicle insurance, you won’t have to worry at all. Your motor insurance provider will help pay for all repairs or the cost of the car.

The following are some of the benefits that you can get with vehicle insurance

Low cost. The basic coverage will be available at around Rs. 150 to Rs. 250 monthly, including accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which can save you hundreds of dollars of medical bills in the unfortunate event that your accident leads to multiple injuries or death. 

Protection against theft and damage. Yes, whether it’s a crime or an accident, your vehicle is your most valuable possession. If it gets stolen, your insurance provider will pay for the full value of the vehicle. So, if you have a car worth Rs. 10 lakh, it will be covered at Rs. 10 lakh. That’s a lot of protection against theft and damage. 

Deductible that saves money! Your insurance provider will require you to pay a small deductible before they start paying out on claims. This will reduce your insurance premium.

Reimbursement for towing charges. If you have a breakdown on the road and have to call someone to tow your vehicle, you can get a reimbursement for that.

Protecting against natural calamities. With the recent flooding in Jammu and Kashmir, you can now also get protection from storm damage or flooding.

• Not just vehicles – bikes too! You can protect two-wheelers under some insurance policies. Those who live on the fringes of cities or towns might find this a great way to protect their pride and joys because they’re not serviced as regularly as cars or two-wheelers, so they’re prone to accidents too.

TATA AIG Car Insurance

Vehicle insurance is not just for your car – it’s also for your bike

AIG has partnered with Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited to offer an exciting range of motor insurance products designed to provide the best cover to vehicle owners at the most affordable price. Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited brings you a varied range of motor insurance products like 2-Wheeler Insurance, Car Insurance, Personal Accident Cover, and many more. AIG has partnered with Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited to offer an exciting range of motor insurance products designed to provide the best cover to vehicle owners at the most affordable price.

However, you must have a precise idea of your needs before looking at the various options of products and avail of all the benefits listed above. For more details, please visit www.tataaig.co.in/products/motor-insurance-product-list or contact us at: 011-4059019 or email to info@tataaig.co.in.

The company has also launched a new product “Ride & Drive”, which offers protection against accidents on the road. The concept is quite simple – if you drive abroad and your car is stolen, you can get a refund of the cost of the car (providing your car has not been registered in any other country). At present, this only applies to India and there is no plan to extend it outside.

AIG’s Motor Insurance is a personal insurance product that provides coverage to the Owners & Drivers of vehicles against damage (in case of theft or accidental loss), accident, and other losses caused by others through third parties. The coverage includes:

AIG’s Motor Insurance provides coverages against theft and damage to your vehicle while it is parked on the premises or on-premises of others. The insurance covers vehicles in which the insured person is a passenger, driver, or a pedestrian, including cars driven by other people than the insured person. The coverage also covers motorcycles and two-wheelers when driven by insured persons. This coverage does not apply when the vehicles are parked in public parking lots, garages, etc. The policy provides coverage against theft of your vehicle while it is parked in the premises or on-premises of others, including parking lots and garages. However, the policy does not cover vehicles that are insured with any other insurance company and/or if any other insurance company has already compensated for an occurrence covered by this policy.

What’s Covered in TATA AIG Motor Insurance

1. Third Party Liability Protection: It covers all incidents including death, personal injury and hospitalization expenses, medical aid expenses due to bodily or mental injury caused by an accident arising out of the use of the insured vehicle. Also covers the cost of damage to property belonging to another person which is caused due to use of the insured vehicle.

2. Theft: It covers any loss, theft, or damage of the insured vehicle which occurs while it is being driven by the insured person. While a loss, theft, or damage of an insured vehicle is caused to another person, the coverage also covers any loss, theft, or damage suffered by such another person. The policy provides cover for all risks arising from the use of a vehicle beyond what is legally required to be disclosed in the policy. It includes third-party liability when you are driving someone else’s car or they are driving your car and either driver cancels on you during an accident or causes damage to your car because he/she drove too fast. Also covers accidental damage incidents to any personal property which is in your possession (i.e. items with you in the car such as bags, cameras, etc.).

3. Damage to Vehicle: Covers accidental damage when the insured vehicle is parked or at rest, including damage due to impact with another object and/or loss of control of a vehicle, even if parked or at rest.

4. Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement: Protects the insured persons against injury or death suffered on account of an accident arising out of the use of the vehicle. Also covers permanent disablement (loss) suffered by the insured person which limits his/her ability to perform daily activities like walking, driving, speaking, etc. The policy covers both first party and third party claims arising out of an accident while using a vehicle.

5. Personal Accident: Covers accidental death or total permanent disablement suffered by an insured person through no fault of theirs, due to an accident arising out of the use of a vehicle.

6. Medical Expenses: If the insured person sustains bodily or mental injury caused by an accident resulting in illness, sickness, or death during the period of coverage, it covers medical aid expenses and living expenses (at the hospital), incurred by the insured person and other eligible family members. It also covers medical expenses in case you injure another person while using your car/bike. In such cases also, medical aid is paid along with 75% of your medical expenses as this is compulsory by law.

7. Loss of use of a vehicle: Protects against damage to the insured vehicle, if it remains unutilized for 6 months from the date of the occurrence. This means that if you sell your car without any cover, you would not be covered by this policy where you sold your car.

8. Deposit and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): This cover provides protection against damage to your vehicle for which a new purchase or repair is made by the insured person after the occurrence of an accident, it also covers loss incurred due to theft, fire or total loss, if a repairer makes a new purchase or removes any part from your damaged/stolen car.

9. Replacement of vehicle: Protects against the actual replacement cost of the car insured if it is destroyed or stolen.

10. Loss of driving privilege: If you are not able to drive your vehicle due to an accident, this cover also provides compensation for your loss of salary (in case you are a salaried person) and other business expenses, etc.

11. Destruction: Covers loss or damage of a vehicle due to any kind of accident unless specifically excluded in the policy. The deductible for this cover is 10% (Applicable on collision claim and up to 20% in case of theft) which means that if the total damage is more than Rs.10,000, then it will be covered up to Rs.10,000 and the balance amount will be paid by you.

12. Personal effects: If a vehicle is damaged beyond repair or stolen and owned articles are not recovered, it replaces such items with an amount equivalent to the insured value of such items. Items mentioned in motor policy are covered for theft only (not for any other cause of loss); complimentary items are covered at a maximum of Rs.5000/- per item subject to a maximum limit of Rs 3 lakhs.

13. Loss of use: It provides insurance cover against loss suffered by a person if they cannot use their vehicle due to accident or damage to their vehicle after it has been repaired but is not free from defects.

14. Personal accident to the driver: It covers death or disability suffered by the policyholder due to an accident while driving a vehicle.

15. Personal accident to friends and family: It covers death, disability, or personal injury caused by an accident while driving or riding in the insured vehicle while you or your family member is visiting you as a guest, employed, or otherwise. This also covers loss of remuneration to the insured due to permanent loss of ability to drive due to injury sustained while driving or riding in the insured vehicle.

16. Injury - Personal: Protects against personal injury suffered by a person for which medical aid is needed. The policy covers any kind of injury (disease etc.). The maximum limit of this cover is Rs.25,00,000/-.

TATA AIG Car Insurance

Motor Insurance

Let’s get you started on your vehicle insurance journey!

Motor insurance, or vehicle insurance, is an insurance policy that offers coverage to the vehicle’s owner and/or driver against financial losses in case of losses due to theft, accidents, or natural calamities. In return for the regular payment of premiums, your insurance provider promises to share the cost of repairing damages. Almost every Indian family today owns a vehicle. And, no matter how careful they are, something unfortunate might happen to them and their vehicle. After an accident, robbery, or attempted theft, they might have to deal with high repair costs or have to replace their car entirely. With vehicle insurance, you won’t have to worry at all. Your motor insurance provider will help pay for all repairs or the cost of the car.

But, your motor insurance policy is useful in other scenarios as well. A vehicle insurance policy that also offers third-party liability cover ensures you don’t have to pay for damages caused to another person, their vehicle, or their property either. Third-party motor insurance is mandatory in India. If you do not have a vehicle insurance policy with third-party liability cover while driving, you could end up having to pay a hefty traffic fine.

At TATA AIG, you will find insurance policies that meet your every need. You can simply choose between our two-wheeler and four-wheeler motor insurance online and get your policy within a few moments. Our wide range of add-on covers allows you to personalize your plan based on your specific needs. If you want something quickly, simply opt for our comprehensive motor insurance policy for coverage against third-party liability and own damages!

Financial Security

A motor insurance policy helps take care of the cost of repairs for your vehicle. So, while it cannot help you grow your money, motor insurance is an important part of every good savings plan. You can rely on your vehicle insurance policy to help take care of the cost of repairs.

No-Claim Bonus (NCB)

A No Claim Bonus or NCB is a reward that your insurer provides you whenever you complete a policy year without making any claims against your vehicle insurance policy. The reward is a reduced premium for your motor insurance plan for the following year.

Quick Claims

When you get your vehicle repaired at a network garage, you can enjoy a quick and easy cashless claims process against your motor insurance policy.

Protection Against Damages

A comprehensive vehicle insurance plan provides complete damage cover. So, any damage caused by a natural calamity, theft, or accident will be taken care of by your motor insurance policy

Third-Party Cover

Third-party liability provides the vehicle owner with cover in case another person or another individual’s property is harmed or damaged in an accident. The motor insurance policy will help cover the expenses for the third party. In India, you must have at least third-party vehicle insurance to operate your vehicle legally on the road.

Customizable Add-Ons

Enhance your vehicle’s protection by choosing from a range of up to 13 motor insurance add-ons. You can opt for additional benefits such as roadside assistance or NCB protection.

High Claim Settlement Ratio

At TATA AIG, we’re proud of our ability to serve you. We ensure that claims are settled quickly without too many hassles. For the last financial year, our claim settlement ratio was 98% FY 20-21.

Benefits of Buying or Renewing Vehicle Insurance Online

Purchasing a motor insurance policy online is quick, easy, and convenient. Here’s a look at all the benefits of buying and renewing motor insurance online:

Quick Comparisons

When you purchase your vehicle insurance policy online, you can compare the offerings of many different companies with ease. Ask for quotes from multiple motor insurance providers at the same time and compare costs, add-ons, and coverage offered with a few easy clicks.

Saves Time

Buying vehicle insurance online is a quick process. You do not have to meet with an agent and discuss your options. Instead, you can carry out your research on the claim settlement ratio of various motor insurance providers and complete the purchasing process in under 30 minutes.

Paperless Process

In today’s digital world, you no longer need to submit hard copies of your documents to get your vehicle insurance policy. The entire purchasing and renewal process is completely paper-free and completed online within a matter of minutes.

Immediate Issue of Policy

When you purchase a policy online, you don’t have to wait for a hard copy of the motor insurance policy to reach your home address. As soon as you make the payment, a soft copy of your vehicle insurance policy gets sent to your e-mail address. You simply need to print it out and keep it in your vehicle!

Customizable Coverage

When you buy your vehicle insurance in India online, you can quickly choose add-ons and pick the coverage you’d like. Your motor insurance provider will offer you a few options that include various add-ons for enhanced protection.

Completely Secure

We live in a digital world. And, while many people are worried about phishing and other cyber-attacks, we have made it completely safe for you to complete your transaction on our website. You can securely process your online motor insurance application.

Quick Switches

The online renewal process remains the same irrespective of whether you’re sticking with your insurance provider or switching to a new insurer. You can retain your NCB and enjoy all your benefits without any break in coverage.

Protection from Third-Party Liability

Third-party liability becomes an issue when the insured vehicle accidentally damages a third-party vehicle or property or injures a third-party individual. Third-party vehicle insurance protects the policyholder from having to pay for repairs or hospital bills for the third party from their pocket.

Security Against Theft

If your vehicle is vandalized or some of its parts are stolen, your motor insurance policy will help cover the financial damages and compensate you for the loss. Your vehicle insurance policy could help pay to replace the stolen parts or even the whole vehicle in case it is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Financial Cover Against Damages

Even the safest driver might meet with a road accident. Getting a small dent fixed in your precious vehicle could set you back quite a bit. With your damage covered in your vehicle insurance, you don’t have to worry about the cost. A good motor insurance policy will help you take care of the cost of damage done to your vehicle, making the policy an integral part of your financial plan.

Cover Against Natural Calamities

Almost every day, we hear about a new natural disaster destroying property and claiming lives. If your vehicle happens to get damaged because of floods, earthquakes, or other covered disasters, you won’t have to deal with the financial loss or burden. Your motor insurance policy will step in to alleviate your troubles.

Cover for Personal Injuries

An accident can damage more than just your vehicle. It could end up hurting you or other passengers in your vehicle. Depending on the motor insurance policy you choose, you can get financial help to deal with injuries that are the direct result of a road accident.

TATA AIG Car Insurance

We Have the Right Plans to Protect Your Vehicle from All Kinds of Risk

Car Insurance Policies

Most Indian households today own one four-wheeler. Cars allow us to enjoy long road trips across the length and breadth of India and a car insurance policy will keep you protected. Car insurance, like motor insurance, comes in various forms and plans. You will need to decide which kind of four-wheeler motor insurance policy best suits your requirements based on how often you use your vehicle. It’s important to remember that car insurance policies only provide cover for a private vehicle. So, if you use the four-wheeler for business, you won’t benefit from this policy.

Bike Insurance Policies

The two-wheeler is the preferred mode of transport for most Indian families. Bike insurance policies provide cover to all kinds of two-wheelers, from gearless scooters to large-engine superbikes. A variety of plans are available. Some offer basic third-party cover, while others provide you with comprehensive cover. You should pick the two-wheeler insurance plan that best suits your unique requirements.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policies

Any vehicle that is used for business purposes must have commercial vehicle insurance. These plans are carefully formulated to protect your company’s finances in case of an accident or if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. Ideally, all commercial vehicles, such as taxis, goods carrying vehicles, cranes, and tractors should have a good commercial vehicle insurance policy in the dashboard.

Types of Motor Insurance

Having your vehicle makes it incredibly convenient to move from place to place. But, owning and using a vehicle also has inherent risks. It’s possible that you meet with an accident or somebody may try to steal or damage your prized possession on purpose. We offer a range of policies, so you can pick the one that best suits your risk and needs:

Third-Party Liability Only Motor Insurance Policy

Third-party liability-only vehicle insurance policies are the most basic motor insurance policies. They protect you from the financial and legal liabilities that arise after an accident causes damage to a third party or their property. You must remember that a third-party liability-only motor insurance policy will not cover any damages to your vehicle.

Own Damage Motor Insurance Policy

An own damage motor insurance policy provides coverage for financial losses caused due to accidental damage to your vehicle. These vehicle insurance policies are solely for your vehicle. They do not provide coverage for damages caused to a third party, their vehicle, or their property.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy

A comprehensive vehicle insurance policy offers extensive coverage as compared to a basic third-party motor insurance policy. The comprehensive motor insurance policy offers protection against financial losses due to damage to your car and third-party liabilities.

What’s Covered in TATA AIG Motor Insurance

TATA AIG’s motor insurance policy provides cover against:

Theft of the Vehicle

If you opt for a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy, we will reimburse you the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your vehicle if it gets stolen or is accidentally damaged beyond repair.

Natural Disaster Damages

If you have a comprehensive motor insurance policy or an own damage vehicle insurance policy, you can enjoy financial protection against any damages caused to your vehicle by a natural disaster such as a cyclone, earthquake, flood, snowfall, frost, or rainfall.

Man-Made Calamity and Fire Damages

Own damage or comprehensive motor insurance policy will offer financial protection against damages caused by terrorist attacks, strikes, riots, and other malicious man-made calamities. Additionally, your vehicle insurance also provides cover for fire damages due to lightning, self-ignition, and explosions.

Accidental Damages

After an accident, your vehicle may end up with a few scrapes and dents or may need extensive repairs. A comprehensive vehicle insurance policy or an own damage motor insurance policy provides coverage for these accidental damages.

Transit Damage

At times, you may transport your vehicle from one location to another via waterways, roadways, airways, or railways. In case the vehicle is damaged in transit, your comprehensive motor insurance policy will help take care of the cost of repairs.

Third-Party Liability

Our motor insurance policies don’t just look after damage to your vehicle. We’ll also take care of third-party liability, which you need to legally operate your vehicles on Indian roads. If you happen to meet with an accident and another individual is hurt or their property is damaged, our motor insurance policy will help cover the expenses.

Personal Accident Cover

Your comprehensive vehicle insurance policy provides a Personal Accident Cover of INR 15 lakhs to the owners and/or drivers of the vehicle. If anything were to happen to the individual due to a vehicular accident, the cover helps take care of the costs of treatment. If the accident ends up becoming fatal, the insured’s nominee or beneficiary receives the predetermined amount.

What’s Not Covered in TATA AIG Motor Insurance

There are a few things with which we are unable to assist. Here are some examples of general exclusions from our auto insurance policies:

  • Damages incurred as a result of driving without a valid driver's license
  • If the vehicle is utilized outside of the geographical area, i.e. outside of India, the vehicle must be registered.
  • Damages incurred as a result of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Normal wear and tear from constant use, as well as the depreciation
  • Costs of general car maintenance are covered by insurance.
  • Damages incurred as a result of the driver's negligence
  • Using a personal vehicle for business purposes
  • Damages incurred as a result of speed racing, crash testing, and other activities.
  • Damages incurred in the country as a result of war or conflict-like situations, as well as the threat of nuclear annihilation
  • Damages covered by a specific add-on but not included in the package
  • Only half of the cost of replacing consumables due to wear and tear is reimbursed.
  • Factor Affecting Auto Insurance Premiums and How to Reduced Them

The premium for your motor insurance coverage is determined by several factors. Let's look at what they're all about

Insured Declared Value (IDV)

The current market value of your car is known as the Insured Declared Value or IDV. To arrive at the proper amount, the IDV takes into account depreciation. The IDV of your vehicle is the maximum amount that your insurer will pay if your vehicle is destroyed. Your IDV is directly linked to your auto insurance premium. A greater IDV translates to a higher premium for car insurance.

Age of the Vehicle

Your auto insurance rate is influenced by the vehicle's age. Insurance prices are often higher for new cars and lower for older ones. This occurs when the value of a car depreciates each year, lowering the IDV and premium.

Insurance Coverage

Your vehicle insurance rate will be affected by the type of automobile insurance policy you choose. A comprehensive automobile insurance coverage will cost more than standalone own damage or a third-party liability-only policy. Because a comprehensive plan covers all parties involved, premiums for vehicle insurance will be higher.

Add-Ons Selected

By purchasing add-ons, you can increase the coverage of your vehicle's insurance. The number of add-ons you add to your vehicle insurance policy will increase your premium.

Engine Capacity

The cubic capacity (cc) of the vehicle's engine has an impact on the motor insurance premium. Motor insurance premiums are always higher for vehicles with more cubic capacity. Every year, the IRDAI publishes a list of universal third-party car insurance premium rates based on the covered vehicle's cubic capacity.


A deductible is a portion of the total claim amount that the insured person agrees to pay out of pocket. When purchasing a motor insurance policy, the policyholder selects the deductible. You will be responsible for a bigger part of the claim if your deductible is higher. Those who choose large deductibles can save money on their insurance costs. However, this means that the insured will be responsible for a large amount of each claim.

Claims History

Individuals with a clean claim history may be eligible for an NCB from their insurer. As a reward for not filing any claims, the NCB lowers the policyholder's premium. The NCB is a progressive discount that grows in value each year. Individuals can receive a discount of up to 50% on their vehicle insurance renewal rate if they go five years without filing a claim.

Miscellaneous Factors

Other factors that affect your motor insurance rate include the applicant's age, the brand and model of the vehicle, the security features available on the car, and the place where the vehicle is registered. Premiums for automobiles with increased safety and security features will be cheaper than for vehicles without these features.

Opting for Mandatory Add-Ons Only

Many insurance companies provide a variety of add-ons for additional protection, but you don't have to pay for all of them. Make sure you only choose the add-ons you need. If you only plan on driving within city limits, for example, you may not need to purchase a roadside assistance add-on. So, before adding an add-on to your policy, consider whether it genuinely provides you with enough value.

Installing Security Accessories

If your vehicle is less dangerous, insurance companies will most likely lower your premium. As a result, a car with anti-theft systems will have a somewhat lower premium than a car without safety measures. To get a reduction on your premium, make sure you buy your anti-theft gadgets solely from authorized dealers.

Don’t Make Unnecessary Claims

When you file a claim, your IDV decreases, and your premium increases. It's a good idea to address little bumps and scratches on your own if you can. Making a claim, even for a minor problem, can be costly in the long run. You also run the risk of losing your NCB.