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Bajaj Allianz auto insurance provides policyholders with the option of boosting their vehicle's protection against a far broader range of threats and unanticipated events (apart from those covered by a standard car insurance policy). These coverages are known as add-on covers since they are offered for an additional price. This includes, among other things, zero depreciation insurance.

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This optional add-on cover can protect you from the financial burden of having to replace your car should it be stolen. For example, if due to circumstances that are not covered by the standard car insurance policy, you are forced to replace your car with a similar one at a cost that is more than what you paid for the old car, then this cover will compensate for the difference between what you paid and what it might have been sold for had it not been stolen. If your old car is stolen while it is parked outside or left unattended on the road, or if it was stolen while in transit (carried by a professional transport service) then this add-on cover will also compensate for the replacement of your vehicle.

The disadvantages of this cover are: it is offered only upon payment of an additional premium, and the insurance company decides whether or not to make the claim. Therefore, claims can be rejected. This is especially true if the loss occurred due to a series of mishaps (which could include mechanical problems, theft, etc.), if you have had several cars stolen before, or if you have specified what type/class of vehicle should be replaced. Therefore, by Bajaj Allianz's standard practices, no claim will be made if your car is on loan from your dealership.

Bajaj Allianz car insurance provides you with all the protection against an accident that a basic car insurance policy includes, along with certain additional ones, for a slightly higher premium. These additional protections are known as add-on covers, which can be purchased separately if you so wish. Personal accident cover is one such add-on cover besides zero depreciation, in case of theft, etc.

If you are injured in an accident due to no fault of yours, then this cover will pay for your medical expenses and all the other costs incurred by you as a result. Hence, all the costs involved from filing the FIR to any compensation or settlement related to the injury will be covered under this protection. In case your car is written off, then this cover will also compensate for you as a driver as well.

In case of theft or any other incident that causes your car to be damaged so badly that it would cost more to repair than to replace, then this add-on cover will compensate you for the difference between the cost of repairing and replacing. The option is available only on an additional premium, in case of theft and the like. Only one add-on cover can be purchased at a time if you have already purchased a basic policy.

Add-on covers are usually offered only upon payment of an additional premium, but sometimes certain covers can be purchased as a part of a basic policy without extra charge.

For example, Bajaj Allianz insurance company offers a zero depreciation cover as a standard on every car policy.

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Zero depreciation cover is protection that compensates you for the depreciation of your car that was caused by theft, vandalism, or any other incident that affects the value of your car. A possible disadvantage could be if you have purchased a new car at a reduced price after having previously owned a car that has been stolen or vandalized. In this case, you may not be compensated adequately for the difference in cost of buying a new one and what it would have sold for had it not been stolen/vandalized.

The reason for this is that you have purchased a new car and that a claim has to be based on the difference between what you paid and what a similar car of the same model, year and transmission would have sold for in the market. In such cases, your claim may be rejected by your insurance company. On the other hand, if you had purchased a used replacement car or one at an increased rate of price due to scarcity in supply and demand, then your zero depreciation cover would adequately compensate for all expenses.

This is because claims are usually made based on market value, which is defined as what similar cars sell for in the market. Another advantage of this cover is that all your claims are made independently by your insurance company. In this way, you can get the maximum benefit of your car insurance policy and the protection it provides to you.

To decide whether or not to purchase this cover and what costs are involved, Bajaj Allianz insurance company uses their proprietary formula and decides on a case-by-case basis whether or not to pay out on a claim. Therefore, there can be no assurance that you will be compensated adequately for any loss that has occurred due to theft, vandalism, etc., by this cover.

Some of the benefits of a basic car insurance policy include the protection that is offered by the policy and the option to purchase additional covers. However, this coverage is limited and the amount that you can collect in case of an accident or theft will depend on which cover you are purchasing. This can make your decision a little difficult, especially if you have purchased a basic policy promising to pay a certain amount to you in some cases, but might not be paying it in others.

To deal with this issue, Bajaj Allianz insurance company introduced add-on covers in their standard policies. This gives you the option to purchase one or more additional covers at a slightly higher rate, but they will offer you better compensation in case of any loss. This makes it easier for you to determine whether or not any money is due to you, and how much.

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If you have purchased a basic policy from Bajaj Allianz insurance company, then these additional covers can be used to cover losses that are not covered under the standard policy alone. This will help to compensate for losses that fall outside of your existing coverage and may increase your overall claim amount if coverage is enhanced with add-on covers.

You should ensure that the additional covers you purchase are suitable to meet your needs. For this purpose, Bajaj Allianz insurance company has compiled a list of additional covers. Many of these covers are used by all companies, but some of them can be specific to individual companies.

These additional covers can be offered with or without an extra premium and although they are usually expensive in terms of claims they make you eligible for, they offer better coverage when compared to other add-ons. Therefore, these provide greater value for money compared to some add-ons which do not cover losses and will make it difficult for you to determine whether or not you are being compensated adequately in case of loss.

If you are a Bajaj Allianz insurance company customer and have purchased standard car insurance with add-on covers, then this is the right time to compare your coverage to find out whether or not any additional costs are involved in purchasing these additional covers.

In this way, you will be able to ensure that the additional coverage you buy is suitable for your needs and that it will compensate for any losses even better than what the basic cover would have done. If after comparing these covers you find that none of them meets your requirements, then you can always consider switching to another company and see if they offer anything better for your needs.

The bottom line here is that if you want to be sure that you are compensated adequately, then you should purchase the best cover possible. If you have purchased a basic policy from Bajaj Allianz insurance company, then protection that compensates for depreciation and loss can be added to this coverage to provide a greater level of compensation.

However, as always it is up to you as the client to decide what is right for your needs and whether or not it would meet them better than any available options. The key here is that when investing in your car, you should seriously consider what cover would give the best value for money.

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What Is Basic Car Insurance? 

The basics of car insurance vary from one company to another, but here are a few things you should know about them. They differ in the level of cover that is offered and the required premium. Basic policies often offer basic protection for collision damage to your vehicle, as well as third-party liability. If you have purchased a basic policy, then it will also include motor breakdown and repair costs as standard. 

Basic cover provided by Bajaj Allianz insurance company includes damage to your vehicle including theft or natural disaster and for injuries to third parties. However, the level of cover and the premium will vary from one company to another.

This can make it difficult for you to choose an appropriate policy, especially if you have not had any prior experience in this area or do not have much knowledge on what factors can increase or decrease your premiums. This makes it important for you to look beyond what your insurer offers and make sure that you are protected properly with a policy that gives coverage that is both adequate and reasonable from a price perspective.