How to Relax and Be Happy Your Mind

Relax and be Happy

How to Relax and Be Happy Your Mind

A relaxed mind enables you to create a happy mind. When you choose to relax. A relaxed mind is a happy mind. You will stay positive and focused on what is important.

We are all faced with stress in our day-to-day lives. Whether from work, family, or other responsibilities whatever our source of stress may be, it is a temporary problem that can be solved by taking a break and relaxing for just a moment. Take the time to calm your mind, get outside for some fresh air, or just stop for a moment of silence to find peace within yourself. 

In a poem titled "I can overcome any obstacles" write about one obstacle you encountered and how you overcame that obstacle. Explain why it is important to overcome obstacles.

Think of an unlikely relationship and develop it into a story using the following elements: a setting, characters, events, problem, and solution. Write about the unlikely relationship in your reflection log. Is this an issue of discrimination?

What does it mean to you to be a good listener? 

How to Relax and Be Happy Your Mind

Practice listening with empathy by completing the following prompt: Imagine that your best friend is trying to tell you about something very serious she did at school today but she is having trouble getting the words out because she feels very embarrassed or scared. What would you say to her to show that you care and understand?

In the reflection log write about something that broke your heart, what did you feel and how did it make you feel after the event occurred. Be as detailed as possible; when, where, who with, how long, etc.

One person's perspective can often be a micro-view of a bigger problem. Develop three different micro-perspectives on an issue and why your perspectives are unique from one another. Your author’s perspective is one perspective and explains why it is unique from other perspectives.

A study has shown how stress can be directly related to depression in certain situations. Read the article and find at least three findings from the article.

How does stress lead to depression? Find at least one solution to this problem.

How to Relax and Be Happy Your Mind

Sometimes it is hard for you to make decisions. If you were in a situation where you were asked about two options, how would you make your decision? Write about an important decision that someone asked you to make and how did it affect them.

What are the causes of teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, and alcoholism? How do you think that we can stop these problems? 

Invent or discover something new or update an existing thing/idea in society with technology or science that will be practical and useful for others in the future.

What can we as individuals do to help improve such problems? Why is stress such a big deal and how can we solve it?

Those are just some examples of questions that you could answer in this informative blog post. The purpose of this post would be to educate people on the causes and cures for these problems and anxiety so they know how to try and fix them. This blog post would contain helpful tips, tricks, and tricks for teens, adults, parents - anyone who's interested in things like this.

I'll explain in this blog post the major ways the government tries to solve teen problems:

How to Relax and Be Happy Your Mind

1. Government Programs

They provide funding and spend a lot of money on educational programs for teens. They do this because they know teens are easy targets for easy solutions. The funding of local teachers, schools, and counseling centers. These agencies believe that spending money on these things will help improve their situation.

2. Government Policies

The United States has many policies to hold back teenagers from illegal activities, like smoking, drinking alcohol, or using drugs. It also emphasizes the importance of education while they're young so they do not fall behind in school when they're older. It stresses the importance of family life and that teens should not have an unfaithful relationship with someone. It also encourages them to be optimistic, positive, and have high self-esteem.

How to Relax and Be Happy Your Mind

3. Peer Pressure

People around them are also a big influence for them to act against illegal activities. This is called peer pressure because teenagers think that doing what the majority does in their age group will make them popular, cool, and more likely to be accepted by their peers. What the researcher leaves out is that if kids feel that their friends approve of illegal activities they will more likely follow through with it because they want to make sure they do not feel alone in their choice.

4. Religion

Some people get pressured to do illegal activities because their religion tells them not to. Religions like Hindu and Buddhist encourage teens not to do drugs or have sex before marriage. There is also other evidence found that Hindus go to temples and ask for Gods to help protect them from negative energy and bad spirits when they are in trouble. I believe that if teens have a strong relationship with someone that believes in God, it will be easier for them to make the right decision in resisting drugs, drinking, or any other negative activity.

How to Relax and Be Happy Your Mind

5. Peer Pressure

According to a 2013 survey in the US, teens from 7th grade to 12th grade are more likely to try drugs or alcohol. Teens are more likely to be pressured if their friends want them to do it. If a person has weak self-control, it is easy for them to be pressured into doing illegal activities just because of how strong their desire is. This writer believes that it is okay for one to get pressure from friends but never feel like no one understands where you are coming from and how you feel about something. They can always communicate with their parents and teachers about the things they are experiencing now so they will know what kind of help they need.

6. Bad Education

It is never okay to do things that you know will have a bad effect on your health and future. Students should not do drugs because of the bad influence they can have on them. They may feel like it will make them popular but in reality, being friends with drug users can cause you to use drugs and drink too. Similarly, drinking alcohol when you are in high school is not okay because once you drink alcohol, it changes the way your brain thinks, and that can cause problems in the future.

7. Internal Issues

Most people who take drugs learn more about their issues when they try to get away from these situations easily. They try to solve their problems by using drugs and drinking alcohol. This may lead them to do other illegal activities like stealing. The same situation happens when they are struggling with self-confidence issues. They think that drugs and alcohol can make them feel better, but actually, it can just make them feel worse.

How to Relax and Be Happy Your Mind

8. Spending Money on Illegal Activities

If you are spending money on illegal activities, such as smoking weed or drinking regularly, it is pointless unless you start saving up the money. If you pay with cash, it is highly discouraged because the police can easily find out how much money you have spent because they track your ATM and bank payments which do not get hidden in any way (e.g. from a credit card and debit card ). If you are always spending money on illegal activities, then you will for sure have to take a part-time job or stop hanging out with friends.

9. Obesity/Health Consequences

When you start using drugs and alcohol, it can have bad consequences on your body like weight gain, heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes. It is highly unhealthy to use drugs because they change how your body works and makes it harder for you to do stuff when you are under the influence of drugs. This is even more dangerous when dealing with alcohol because it causes hangovers and can cause people to do something they will regret later on (e.g. drunk driving drugs, alcohol, hangover, overdose).

10. Economic Consequences

Drugs and alcohol can also have a huge impact on your rent, bills, phone bills, etc. If you are using drugs or alcohol while working or going to school and you have a job or in school then it can be really hard to manage time between everything. You need to spend money constantly on drugs and alcohol which is no good because you don't make as much money as you use up spending. People have lost their jobs and been kicked out of places because they have used too many drugs/drunk too many drugs, alcohol, bills.

11. Loss of Relationships or Close Friendships

This happens when you are doing drugs and alcohol is that you may have a bad impact on your relationships with everyone around you. Some people have lost their best friends over drugs/alcohol and lost their boyfriends or girlfriends because they have been spending too much time with drugs or alcohol than they should be. You need to be careful about what you are doing, what your habits are, and how they affect the people who care about you most because they can change everything in your life. Lastly, I believe the main consequence of using drugs and alcohol is that people don't see it coming. Close friendships, negative impacts, relationships

12. Negative Reputation

When people know you are using drugs or alcohol they may think you are a bad person who can't control their actions. They will think you are unsafe and untrustworthy which is not good for your reputation and for the person who is doing drugs or alcohol with you. You will also lose friends if you get caught by someone selling drugs to people who don't want to be associated with it or get kicked out of a place for using drugs, alcohol, reputations.

13. Financial Consequences

Drugs/alcohol can also cost you unnecessary money. You can end up breaking your stuff if you are not careful or you could lose your money by losing it or having it stolen. Drugs, alcohol, unnecessary money, broken stuff.

How to Relax and Be Happy Your Mind

14. Physical Harm

Drugs and alcohol can cause physical harm because of what you put in your body. If there is something in the drugs or alcohol that was not supposed to be there then it may hurt what your body needs to stay healthy. People buy drugs from places that are not safe and they don't know what is in them so you could end up with stuff in the drugs that your body doesn't need.